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Okay, I’m just going to say I don’t really like reviewing or writing about movies. Usually a movie can speak for itself. I watch a fuckton of movies, I’ve gotten into a routine where I’ll watch a movie every night before I go to bed so there’s no way I would even write about half of them. But some movies just tug on my heartstrings, and Flipped is one of them. Wow.

It was released earlier this year, based on the book Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. Directed by Rob Reiner and set in 1968, Flipped is about a young boy, Bryce who moves in across the street from Juli, a girl the same age. The fact that they are in the same class at school and live on the same street is about all they have in common. The movie shows the various events that happen to Bryce and Juli as they grow up, first through Bryce’s point of view, then the same scene is shown again through Juli’s point of view. First person narration from each character is used to emphasize this effect, with each point of view usually completely different. The entire movie leads to a beautiful moment at the end where both of their points of view match up.

Honestly, watching it, I thought I knew where the movie was going the whole time. Some parts were predictable and I felt that some parts were uneventful, especially showing the same scene twice. But once that moment at the ending hits it’s like DAMN. The whole movie suddenly makes sense and is so meaningful and perfect.

Watch it. Seriously.

Watch the trailer

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