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Favourite fall/winter trends 2010!

One of the first things I noticed when I moved to Toronto for school was damn, these people can dress. While a typical university campus may consist of school sweatpants or jeans and a t-shirt, getting dressed for class in the city is a big production. I’ve noticed a lot of re-occurring trends throughout my campus and the city, here are some of my favourites!

Lace up boots

I’ve honestly never seen an outfit that these boots don’t look good with. They work with any jeans and any tights and can change the whole dynamic of a drab outfit. The ones with fold-over cuffs are to die for.

Brown: Eylenga: $120 – Aldo

Black: Lecaros -$140 – Aldo


Blaise D. from Lookbook

Circle Scarves

I first saw these in stores around this time last year and thought they were strange, but this year I saw them being worn, and worn well! They work best in neutral solid colours and can help balance out a loud pattern, or add to a more classic outfit. Plus, they look super warm.

$36 – American Apparel

Lydia Lucia N. from Lookbook

Floral Patterns!

Okay, I know florals have been in style for quite awhile now. But anyone that knows me know that I love a good floral pattern. I adore how floral patterns are still being worn throughout the winter when it’s typically a summer trend. A floral dress or skirt paired with black tights or pants with a neutral or solid coloured cardigan or jacket over top is my ideal way to wear it, and I’m refreshed seeing other peoples creative ways of making florals work for winter.

Forever 21, $10.80


Kerti P. from Lookbook


Coloured Tights

Because black/gray/white tights are getting boring. As an avid wearer of tights myself, I must say I’m a sucker for coloured tights. Wearing them honestly just makes you feel good. They’re a good way to liven up a plain black dress, or any darker dress. Tights come in basically any colour these days so the boldness of the colour and style is all up to you!

American Apparel – $18

“The Clothes Horse Roe” from Lookbook

Lacey/Patterned Tights

They can make a skirt, dress or shorts look a lot chicer, instantly! These tights are a lot of fun and they come in tons of patterns. They’re really amusing to look at, and can make an outfit look incredible.

Forever 21 – $7.80

Taylin Elisa Yasmin K.


Knee high/Thigh high socks

These are really wintery when layered over tights, and look fantastic with boots as well. I’ve seen them worn with heels which is an unexpected but pleasant compliment to an outfit. They’re comfy and cute, it’s a win-win situation.

American Apparel – $10

Frida J from Lookbook


Knitted mittens

They’re just so cute and warm! Bold colours can also instantly liven up a classic outfit.

Urban Outfitters – $24

Laura K. from Lookbook

Animal Prints

I’ve noticed that animal prints are everywhere these days, and their popularity keeps growing, specifically leopard print. You can buy ANYTHING in leopard print now. Coats, scarves, hats, bags, blouses, cardigans, skirts, pants, shoes … honesty everything. It’s a funky trend that’s easy to wear if you pair it with neutral colours.

Zara – $59.90

Andy T. from Lookbook

Metallic tights

So it’s obvious by now that I’m obsessed with tights. Metallic tights are an edgy way to liven up a plain outfit. I love them with animal prints, or even a solid, bold coloured shirt! There are tons of styles and ways to wear them. They’re another one of those refreshing substitutes for plain tights.

American Apparel – $34

Kaylie B. from Lookbook

Wrap/”Tulip” skirts

As an avid skirt wearer, I have experienced how the same styles of skirts get boring, fast. I absolutely love the style of wrap skirts. Another refreshment from seeing the same thing over and over. They look great with tights and boots!

Forever 21 – $27.80

Natascha from Lookbook

Faux leather pants
Super edgy and can look brilliant with almost anything! Also, the fact that it takes confidence to wear these makes them so much more attractive!

Urban Outiftters $88

Carolina E. from Lookbook

Shorts with tights
A really chic way to wear shorts in the winter. Looks absolutely beautiful with black patterned/lacey tights and high waisted neutral shorts.

Shorts: Forever 21 – $23.80

“Goldfox” from Lookbook

Lace tops

These are super classy and work in most colours. You can wear them casually during the day with pants and a cardigan, and more dressy at night with a skirt.

American Apparel – $45

Saige W. from Lookbook

Padded/Poufy Shoulders

A blast from the past trend that can liven up the most basic t-shirt. I absolutely love extravagant shoulders in clothing because you can honestly wear a shirt with padded shoulders with anything, since in moderation it’s not too out-there.

Tahti S. from Lookbook


Faux Fur

It just looks so soft and cozy, and comfort is oh so attractive. It can be (but doesn’t have to be) an extravagant BAM center of attention piece of an outfit. Fierce.

Forever 21 – $35.80

Adeline R. from Lookbook

Bold peacoats and blazers

Peacoats and blazers in their typical navy, black or gray colours. They’re an excellent classic piece of clothing, but this year I’ve been seeing them in a variety of colours like bright reds, blues, greens, purples and even yellows. It’s a modern refreshment to the classic peacoat or blazer. I find it always makes the wearer look powerful. I’m also really digging the trend of wearing a blazer casually with jeans and a t-shirt.

Urban Outfitters – $48

Olivia M. from Lookbook

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