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Dan Levy’s “Holido’s and Don’ts”

Former host of MTV’s The Aftershow Dan Levy talked about his holiday do’s and don’ts on his holiday special “Holido’s and Don’ts” on MTV earlier tonight.

He looked adorable and witty as always in a classic cheesy variety of Christmas sweaters and his signature big glasses.

His quirky humour was captured as he joined a family of strangers in their Christmas picture and tried to cook a turkey, realizing how disgusting it was. “This is fucked! I don’t want to do this anymore.”

He showed off his cooking skills throughout while making a holiday meal, burning the bread for the stuffing and being too grossed out by directions to “remove feathers” from the turkey, ultimately ending in him ordering takeout.

A Rolex and a Mercedes were among his suggestions when giving tips to children about what to put on their Christmas list.

Eugene Levy, Dan’s father made an appearance to discuss his feelings about Christmas sweaters and how it’s okay to wear them to spread holiday cheer!

He also had Amy Sedaris as a guest to teach us how to make some holiday crafts, like marshmallows with decorative toothpicks.

Some of his holiday tips:

Do: replace the price tag on a cheap gift with a more expensive one so your friends don’t realize how broke and cheap you are

Do: Eat a raw chicken sandwhich to cause food poisoning in order to get out of boring family dinners.

Don’t: UN-ironically wear a holiday sweater.

The show ended with a music video for Dan’s Christmas hit “Lonely Christmas,” some of it filmed at the Johnny Rockets a block away from my rez 😉

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