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All I Want For Christmas Is Yoouuuuu

Mariah Carey’s Christmas concert, recorded in Los Angeles aired on ABC earlier tonight.

She initially appeared in a festive red dress with white trimmings, showing off her new fuller pregnant figure. She later changed into a classy, glitzy black dress and looked gorgeous.

She performed classic Christmas songs as well as many songs from her new Christmas album “Merry Christmas II You” which came out in November.

We all know the girl can sing. The concert confirmed that yes, even at age 40 she can still belt. But for that reason, I’ll admit I was expecting more. Mariah Carey’s performances are always great, but when it’s the same thing over and over again it loses its touch.

Even the cheesy dancers in elf and cheerleader costumes didn’t win me over (what do cheerleaders have to do with Christmas?)

Mariah has pure talent which didn’t fully shine through with the cheesy glittery props, live band and chorus as distractions. I would have preferred a raw, real performance focusing on her talent as opposed to this whole over the top, glitzy Christmas production. If it was a younger, up and coming artist then the props would be acceptable. But not for a 40 year old singer with an established, successful career.

The audience seemed a little TOO in to it as well. Staged much?

The highlight for me was when Randy Jackson made an appearance! He is the definition of class and balanced out the cheesiness that the rest of the concert was.

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